Your voice gives other people an immediate impression of who you are. It expresses incredibly many things - and the words that are said make up only part of the overall expression.

The security it gives to express yourself with ease and clarity will give you more self-confidence and make you more relaxed. You will have much more presence, credibility and clout.

Personal Impact

Would you like to be better at using yourself and coming across to other people? Personal impact is about being present and about being "good at people"

Voice Training

Voice training is about using the voice better and being more convincing. You get to know how to utilize the resources of your voice. You get the tools and effective exercises

Learn to present

For you who need to perform facing an audience and make presentations. The teaching is based on your needs and is adapted to your development goals

About Dorte

I teach and train people so they become happier and better to convey, present and use the voice.
The foundation for my work is professionalism, years of experience and the work being done playful and humorous.
In the training it is important to uncover what you want to improve, find out what you are already good at, and find ways to make you even better. The focus is on getting your personal expression in a way that works for you. You get more options and thus a much larger room for your communication.

Dorte Koch Stemme og Formidling
Vesterbrogade 166, 4. sal
1800 Frederiksberg C

+45 22 11 43 07

Hans Jørn Mikkelsen om Dorte Koch

Dorte Koch can create a presence and a You-and-I-room, even if you are in a group. She hits the spot with her feedback. Her feedback is positive and accurate and served in a way so that the recipient can see the benefits  and is comfortable 

Hans-Jörn Mikkelsen

Area manager, Nykredit

If You Are Already Working with Your

"Find din stemme" is a voice education and its innovative use of the network causes a possible interaction between sender and recipient who has missed previous voice literature and, as far as possible, ensures that the exercises are performed properly to achieve the vocal improvement.
The book is already used by the rhetoric students at the University of Copenhagen, which educates themselves as teachers of speech and, in particular, in the exercises have found inspiration to renew voice education.

Rhetorica Scandinavica


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