Use your voice optimally and become more convincing

Dorte Koch stemmetræning
  • Discover what your voice is capable of
  • Obtain concrete tools and effective exercises
  • Be better at speaking in front of an audience
  • Learn to speak clearly, convincingly and lively
  • Use your pauses better
  • Use breathing, voice and body language to cope with nervousness

Have you experienced that your voice is not working for you? Perhaps you want to be able to get up at a meeting, take the floor and feel listened to, so you can relax in the situation and optimize your professional performance.

When we are worried about how we sound, we do not express ourselves freely and cannot concentrate on reaching the audience and getting the message through.

On the other hand, when we know that we are able to express ourselves with clarity and ease, that security will spread to other areas of our personality.

In other words, if you speak with confidence, you become more confident and more relaxed.

That is what voice training can make You better at.

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Grith Marie Heltoft om Dorte Koch

Grith Maria Heltoft

Team manager,


I have used Dorte to train employees who make presentations of our projects for citizens. Here, Dorte has been really adept at identifying the potential and development opportunities of the individual, and the speakers have come a long way in their performance. We still harvest the fruits from this work when we make presentations to the citizens today

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