Get more flexibility in Your personal communication

personal impact
  • Observe and highlight your strengths
  • Obtain methods and concrete tools to develop your weaker sides
  • Learn how to use your body language more consciously - what are myths and what is important
  • Learn how to use your voice in the best possible way
  • Target your message to different recipient groups and situations
  • Learn to speak convincingly, with structure and vibrancy
  • Get simple, effective tools to handle nervousness and performance pressures ...

Have you ever tried to stand in front of a larger or smaller assembly and have doubts as to whether the audience is following what you say? Would you like to be better at promoting yourself and burning through to other people? Personal impact is about being present and about being "good at people".

The message and the content are important, but it's your personality and your appearance that must carry it through so you and your message reach other people. You gain credibility and become even better at creating understanding when there is a balance between the expression (the personal impact) and the content (the message).

It is not about reorienting who you are, but about creating more options.

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Sickan Løk Olsen om Dorte Koch

Sickan Løk Olsen

Manager of Clinical Training, Gentofte Hospital

Dorte has made me realize, that I as a teacher with a few well chosen tools can avoid "sabotaging" my own  teaching. Instead I can appear credible and get my message across

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